Managed Backup Services

Your business’ data is the second most important asset, after your employees. It should be your number one priority to adequately protect it from accidental loss to malicious access. And everything in between. However, providing adequate protection to data the business needs for its day-to-day operations demands IT resources, connectivity bandwidth, technical know-how, and the time to ensure the backup system is cohesive and dependable. Teamspring is a specialist IT service provider that offers comprehensive, resilient, as well as highly secure managed backup services.

Our in-house data backup solution enables small to medium-sized businesses in Atlanta to take advantage of all the benefits of a real-time cloud backup. While maintaining ownership and constant access to the data.

If you understand the consequences of large-scale or permanent data loss, you will know how devastating it can be to a business. Our tailor-made backup solution is set up to monitor local and remote data storage devices for anomalies proactively. And prevent catastrophic data breaches or losses.

Managed Backup Solutions In Atlanta

Why Choose Teamspring’s Managed Backup Services

Protect Operation-Critical Applications and Data.

The best protection against local and cyber threats is to be ready when they strike. The number and severity of the ever-present cybersecurity incidents are rising. And small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly becoming targeted. Our managed backup services include defined steps to take in the event of a disaster. And how the client can restore the latest backups of applications as well as data. This level of protection enables the business to resume operations and minimize downtime.

Optimized Backup Operations

Continuously backing up and verifying the integrity of data is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Your business will have a greater capacity to focus on its key mandate by hiring the experts at Teamspring to handle all the technical details of the backup systems. As a trusted managed backup services provider, we take the worry off your plate. So you can focus on what matters the most to your clients.

Pay Only for What You Use

A company that processes a few gigabytes of data in a month will pay less for backups than another with terabytes of data to back up every month. With Teamspring’s transparent backup services, businesses also get to budget for their backup services. And only pay for the services they need. The flexibility that our managed backup services offer allows a business to scale at their pace as well as to adapt to changing business needs as they see fit.

Set Own RPOs and RTOs

The best kind of managed backup services platform is easy to use and flexible to an organization’s needs. The same way a business would choose what to back up and what to restore, our backup platform allows them to set Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) as well as Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) to suit their needs.

Managed Backup Services with Formidable Protection

Teamspring specializes in offering a wide range of IT services in Atlanta and North Georgia. We have invested in IT infrastructure and expertise to provide a lot more than just data transfer during backups. Our Managed Backup Services also include business continuity services, short-term data loss recovery, and restoration, as well as data protection from hackers, viruses, and malware.

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