Knowing how to embrace tech tools for marketing and customer engagement can make a dramatic difference in how your company grows and progresses in your industry. Customer engagement and marketing are essential for gaining attention from the right type of consumers, converting leads to customers, and retaining clientele.

High engagement levels positively impact your business's customer service and consumer satisfaction, but how can you use tech to drive marketing and engagement? Keep reading to learn how.

How to Use Technology to Improve Consumer Engagement

Artificial intelligence is garnering a lot of attention these days, and it's changing how businesses communicate with customers. For example, you can include live chat on your company's website or develop an app messaging platform that makes communicating with customers 24/7 a breeze. Shifting between artificial intelligence and live agents can help your organization meet your customers' needs without overwhelming your staff. 

Omnichannel integration is another way to boost customer engagement through technology. People have multiple ways of communicating and doing business with companies without being inside the organizations' buildings. Tablets, smartphones, and computers let consumers shop online, consume digital advertisements, text, and engage with others on social media. 

Embracing an omnichannel strategy incorporating cross-platform integration will allow you to serve consumers through various means. An effective omnichannel strategy and implementation means customers can seamlessly jump from a service page to a web chat to an e-commerce page to purchase products. 

3 Tools for Marketing and Customer Engagement

Tech tools for marketing and customer engagement come in many forms, including the ones below.

  1. Social Media Platforms

Many people stay up-to-date on their favorite brands by following them on social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). Companies can use these platforms to relay information, promote products, create digital advertisements, and converse with their target audiences.

Social media is also a great way to give special offers to members and followers. These special promotions can gain your business attention because people will feel like they need to follow your brand. 

  1. Content Marketing

Your business needs content to drive engagement. Consumers give credibility and authority to businesses that produce relevant, informative, and engaging content.

Using search engine optimization software, you can improve your business's online content, whether it's articles, blogs, videos, or how-to guides. SEO tools will help you incorporate and test out high-ranking keywords and analyze your rankings among competitors. 

  1. Digical Tactics

Digical marketing combines physical and digital engagement methods. For example, suppose your business has a physical storefront. In that case, you and your staff can engage with customers directly to ensure they have a wonderful experience visiting your establishment. However, you can influence your online sales with in-store marketing or vice versa. 

You can use technology to drive engagement in many ways, from delivering relevant content online to using marketing software with drag-and-drop editing to create social media ads. If you want to improve how your business approaches consumer engagement and enhance your audience's overall experience, tech tools for marketing and customer engagement are an option. 


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