Security Operation Center (SOC) In The Future

Security Operation Center (SOC) refers to a savvy team of professionals who constantly monitor and improvise a company’s security measures. They carry out these activities through state-of-the-art technology with well-defined processes and strategies through prevention, detection, analysis, and response to cybersecurity incidents.

The team also sets rules that govern their processes. Therefore, it is possible to have leadership roles, while others take engineering roles, analysis roles, and operation roles. These teams carry out various functions, with analysis occurring in two to three tiers. The primary tasks for this team may include real-monitoring of situations, detection of a security flaw, data breaches, response to any threat, and remediation of consequences.

The SOC works under a strict strategy predefined from business-specific goals dependent on the executive by level, support, and sponsorship. The main aim is to address company needs, and powerful executive sponsorships enable the team to succeed in their quest. Here are the founding blocks of a good SOC team.

Security Operations Center


Consider having robust physical security for the success of a SOC team. The layout of operations is essential to provide a comfortable and functional process. The lighting and acoustics are some of the issues that also need consideration when planning for the environment. The SOC team may take areas such as an operating room, carrying out all activities, with additional supervisor’s offices. The environment should feature perfect visibility, comfort, efficiency, and control according to the design.


The technology forms the underpinning infrastructure of the SOC design. The environment has various components, such as firewalls, breach detection solutions probes, IPSs/IDSs, and SIEM. However, these may vary according to the company within which the SOC is operating. The data collection stage is the most fundamental for a successful SOC. The team uses technology for creating compelling data flows, data collection, packet capture, and analysis from a security perspective. They also consider getting data on the vulnerabilities of the security systems to act as additional information during the operation.

People and Processes

The technical requirements of the SOC team are worthless without having the right personnel and procedures. Besides technology and the environment, the people make the most critical part of the team and are notable pillars of success.

Members of the SOC teamwork according to their positions within the team. Therefore, they should develop strategies and plans that will push them towards reaching the mission. Your leadership needs to take part in building, motivating, and retaining members of the team.

Much responsibility falls on the shoulders of the team manager since they need to manage the team and help reduce risk factors. The manager has to pick the right team members and allocate their duties as per their skills. It is challenging to carry out these processes due to the array of choices in competencies of the team members.

Also, it can be daunting to establish the correct number of team members the leader requires. There is no need to have unnecessary workers who will not participate in the team’s success. Also, avoid the risk of being understaffed, which will deem most of the teams’ processes undoable and waste valuable time.

The best way to solve having fewer or more workers on the SOC team is to foster cooperation between the internal and outsourced managed services. It is the most viable choice the team can make to reduce the cost and risks involved in managing a SOC team.

Security Tools

The security tools here refer to the team’s technological components adopted for a strong emphasis on security. There is no detail to overlook when securing the team processes and enabling the missions’ success. They plan on setting up VPN, segmenting LAN, NAC, endpoints hardening, and encrypting data to avoid prying eyes. They can also protect their processes by configuring networks on IPSs/IDSs, routers, firewalls, and switches.

The collaboration tools need to be evenly distributed among the team members while offering them the best experience possible.  It will help them achieve their tasks and enhance the quality of their service delivery. They need to produce value for the business, and accomplishing that goal requires reassurance from top-notch tools that guarantee great assistance.

Another security protocol that adds value to the business’s success is protecting mobile devices used in the implementation is the SOC services.  There is a need to prevent data loss from the endpoint to service and the data transferred to smartphones via e-mails.

Other technology components that help create a robust security system for the team include web proxies, server breach detection measures, sandboxes, and investigation tools. The team also boosts its security posture by being active and proactive in the vulnerability management procedures. Other risk assessments and sound approach vulnerability will help to handle priorities when they arise.

The team shows prowess in its reaction to accidents when they are required to act in the company’s best interests. Many team members must be directly involved in processes that help to eliminate threats in case of accidents. There should be a seamless mix of sound technologies, clearly defined procedures, and accompanies with specialized skills to deliver during such occurrences.


Leadership, motivation, and top team leading skills are inevitable for an effective SOC team that aligns with the company’s missions. Running a SOC is complex but worth it. It provides borderless and adequate security measures for your company and keeps it perfect for your business processes.

It would be best to work with top cybersecurity experts who have the skills and offer excellent and comprehensive services for your information security needs. SOC helps to deal with large volumes of data. Its use is becoming increasingly great, and it is the definite future. Therefore, start applying it now to leverage the best services and keep your business safe.

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