Tips To Use Microsoft Excel & Improve Your Business

Microsoft Excel is a widely popular software among small as well as big businesses. Despite its popularity, the important features of Microsoft Excel are still under folds. It is a tool that can ease the manual tiring task and can minimize the risk of human errors. Whether you’re looking to merge the sheets that have smaller data or you wish to combine the information in different cells, Microsoft Excel can do everything for you. Widely popular among marketers, accountants, and data analysts, Microsoft Excel is an effective tool to analyze, store and report data in bulk. Many other professionals who are looking to manage long datasets utilize different MS Excel applications. Are you a novice to excel? Or do you wish to know more about its features? Either way, it’s important to know the tips and tricks about Microsoft Excel.

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Ways to use Microsoft Excel more effectively

1. Automate Excel functions using if excel

IF formulas of excel are one of the best things that will help you to organize your data. The formula to use the function is IF(logical_test, value_if_true, [value_if_false]). However, the formula may seem tough at once yet it can be a great help if you know how you can use it. With just a few trial-and-error shots, you can master the use of function and get the maximum benefit to organize large data chunks effectively.

2. Move data from one sheet to another using VLOOKUP function 

If you’re looking to combine the large data of two spreadsheets into one spreadsheet, you can use the VLOOKUP function. While using the formula, your first step is to check whether or not the two spreadsheets have the same column (at least one). You can use the formula – VLOOKUP(lookup value, table array, column number, Approximate match (TRUE) or Exact match (FALSE)) to combine the values of two spreadsheets.

3. Keep the cell’s formula same by using dollar signs

In Microsoft Excel, you can use the dollar sign formula to keep the cell formula exact when it is copied in the adjacent rows. Let’s understand the concept by taking an example. Suppose you wish to copy the items from A5 to C5. When you use the simple relative formula to move the data, the values will adjust themselves and you won’t get the same data. On the contrary, when you use absolute formulas that contain dollar signs, you can rest easy knowing that the cell formula will remain the same – no matter where you’re copying it.

4. Use filters to ease your task 

Large datasets aren’t easy to read out, and when it comes to finding the necessary information, it can take hours to find it. This is where the essential feature of Microsoft Excel comes in. You can use the filter option to filter out the necessary data from the large datasets. You don’t have to look at different rows at a single time, or you have to view every cell. The filter will help you to watch the necessary information and choose the cell that contains the interesting data.

5. Eliminate duplicate data points 

Many times a large dataset contains unnecessary duplicate information. It will not only complicate the whole process but will also make the whole situation worse. One of the best things to have the necessary information is to remove the duplicate data points. To execute the task, all you need to do is highlight the whole data and click on remove the duplicate content. This will help you solve the matter quickly without any extra hassle.

6. Use formula for calculations 

For simple calculations in Microsoft Excel, you can use the simple formula and make your task easy, smooth, and hassle-free. For instance, if you wish to add rows together or columns together, all you need to do is use the + sign. Similarly, you can use * for multiplication, – for subtraction, and / for dividing. This will not only help you to make the whole task super easy but also ensure that there are zero errors in data.

Why is Microsoft Excel an important tool for businesses?

If you’re a business owner who strives to streamline the difficult chores of their business, all you need to do is incorporate the Microsoft Excel tool into your business. Thanks to the plethora of features and benefits of Excel, it is widely used to save time and money. Business owners can complete different chores like stock management, product information management, sales reporting, accounting, and much more with a single tool. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you need to use Microsoft Excel, here are a few ways to make your business operations successful.

Managing product information 

If you run an e-commerce store, you must be aware of the troubles that come with managing product information. This is where the excellent features of excel come into play. They are highly effective in optimizing your business data. This, in turn, will fuel your business and help you reach sky-high heights of success.

Sales reporting

There is no doubt that you can complete the task of sales reporting using pen and paper or by purchasing complex software for your business. Even though they work well, the former can lead to errors, and the latter can burn a hole in your pocket. Thanks to the easy-to-use format and abilities of excel, you can complete the sales reporting for your business.

Automate business tasks 

Excel is one of the best ways to automate business tasks and help your business grow in the long run. It is one of the unique ways that will help you to enhance the productivity of your employees and eventually boost the sales of your business.

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