Protect Your Atlanta Business from Ransomware and Data Loss Risks

Atlanta businesses need to protect data from leaks, but how can professionals take steps to protect data? The risk of data leaks is a major concern for modern businesses, and the threats vary.

Reports of data leaks in the news help businesses realize the need for improved cybersecurity measures to protect data. Since threats against data are numerous, businesses need to leverage a variety of sophisticated cybersecurity measures to protect technology from threats.

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What Is Your Weakest Link?

Businesses have a lot of assets, and the value of assets range from minuscule to monumental:

  • Team of staff
  • Industry competitive edge
  • Property and real estate holdings
  • Technology, including computer hardware like servers

The most valuable asset of any business is your data. Your information is what fuels your operations, from revenue information to payroll and tax data. The power of this information warrants significant protective measures.

If your data is your greatest asset, your weakest link may surprise you: your team. It’s true – the greatest threat to your data is your staff, but this is preventable.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Atlanta Business from Ransomware?

Cybercriminals know data is incredibly valuable, making information the top target of today’s hackers. Gaining access to a network is just the first step in a ransomware attack, followed closely by controlling access to the network or information and then preventing legitimate access to this information until a fee – a ransom – is paid. Once unauthorized access is detected, it’s too late. Personal information, including financial account information, impacts thousands of businesses every year and increases the risk of identity theft, credit card fraud, and so much more.

Modern businesses need to safeguard data against threats of ransomware, and cybersecurity measures should include protections against the risk of ransomware as a major part of a technology ecosystem.

What Steps Should Businesses Take to Protect Data from Ransomware?

A total technology protection package should include cybersecurity measures to protect against ransomware, but businesses can take a few key steps to start safeguarding data:

Ongoing staff training

Every staff member needs to learn technology and cybersecurity measures to protect your data. Ongoing training is the key to help your team learn best practices for accessing, storing, and sharing data, including using complex passwords to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive files and information.

Commit to state-of-the-art cybersecurity

Leverage sophisticated technology for the most advanced protection for your technology, including your information. Require two-factor authentication for all user passwords to prevent unauthorized access, and track all network activity to detect and resolve threats urgently.

Make a backup plan

If your information powers your business, it’s clear what could happen without that information. Establish a process for data back-ups that keeps your business in operation no matter what, to keep it protected.

Protecting your business starts with understanding your technology and cybersecurity needs to prevent ransomware and avoid becoming a target for cybercriminals.