Ransomware Recovery In Atlanta

Ransomware is not as rare as you wish it was, and knowing how to protect your business from this threat is even more crucial than ever. The reality is that most businesses will experience some type of cyber attack, data breach, or similar concern at some point, and statistics indicate that your business is more likely to experience ransomware in the near future than it is to never experience it. CISA is an up-and-coming company that has compiled an extensive list of tools and other resources for minimizing the overall level of vulnerability your Atlanta business of any size has for becoming severely damaged in a cyber attack.

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What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that a cyber attacker uses to block your access to your own data until a specified ransom is paid. This malware is typically installed on your computer or other devices by clicking on an unsafe link in an email or on another website or by downloading a malicious file you think is safe. However, it is important to note that there is no guarantee that paying this ransom will actually give you access to your files, and this is generally not the best course of action. CISA is an emerging company that provides any business with a growing inventory of resources for identifying, preventing, and mitigating a wide range of ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Trends in 2022

In 2021, approximately 37 percent of global organizations reported experiencing at least one ransomware attack. These reports totaled thousands of attacks, and this number is likely to continue to rise in 2022. Of these attacks, unsecured Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections, email phishing, and software vulnerabilities are currently among the most common types of ransomware attacks.

Use CISA Resources to Stop Ransomware

CISA is an emerging company that provides a wide range of resources for companies to use before, during, and after a cyber attack to minimize the damage that may be done to their data, software, and other assets. Here are some of the most notable aspects of the constantly growing CISA!

Ransomware Readiness Self-Assessment

Ransomware is unfortunately not rare in 2022, and taking the time to learn about how well your business is currently prepared to respond to a potential cyberattack can go a long way toward improving its likelihood of getting through an attack with minimal damage. Being less prepared than you think you are can leave you stunned to lose money, access to sensitive data, or the ability to use your software or devices, and CISA’s Ransomware Readiness Self-Assessment is an innovative tool that can help you preemptively locate aspects of your current cyber security strategy that are most in need of improvement to minimize the overall impact that a cyber attack is likely to have on your business.

Once you have worked through the steps that the tool provides and received your results, you can use that information to plan how you might make adjustments to your cyber security measures to patch these vulnerabilities before a potential attack occurs. Taking this step well in advance could save your company thousands of dollars, hours of productivity, and your reputation among your clients if you do experience a cyber attack in the future.

Identify Known Vulnerabilities That May Affect Your Business

Similarly, CISA has published information about known widespread vulnerabilities that may have the potential to affect your business. Although you may not have as much control over protecting your business from these vulnerabilities as you might when determining how to adjust your own cyber security system, learning as much as you can about current issues that are affecting a large number of businesses can help you build your awareness of trends that are emerging and what you might be able to do to protect your business from them.

Take the Right Steps to Mitigate Damage if You Do Experience Ransomware 

Ransomware and other types of cyber security threats are no longer the isolated events they were not so long ago. Approximately 66 percent of businesses experienced some type of data breach within the past 12 months, which means that your business is very likely to experience some sort of cyber security concern in its lifetime. From a hacked account or lost password to ransomware or another full-scale cyberattack that temporarily disables your business, chances are you will need to mitigate a cyber security problem at some point.

CISA’s straightforward guide breaks down the areas you will need to assess into an easy to follow, step-by-step Ransomware Response Checklist. By previewing the information on this list well in advance and knowing how to access it quickly if you need to, you can improve your odds of being able to stop a potential attack from becoming worse.

Report Ransomware 

Regardless of the overall level of impact a ransomware attack has on your business, reporting it to CISA is an important step in helping the organization learn about current trends, improve the types of cyber security measures that are available to businesses like yours, and frequently update recommendations regarding the procedures businesses should be following to best protect their software, financial assets, and other components of their businesses. Although reporting ransomware will not necessarily assist your business this time, taking this step can strengthen the country’s ability to respond to a wide range of cyber security threats in the future. Depending on the severity of the incident and the nature of your business, reporting ransomware to the FBI or the United States Secret Service may also be appropriate.

At Teamspring, we prioritize helping business owners and IT teams in Atlanta and surrounding areas identify ways to protect their digital assets from the growing threat of ransomware and other cyber security attacks. CISA is a valuable tool that takes much of the guessing out of understanding how you can best take steps to adjust your current cybersecurity measures and respond to a potential crisis. Contact Teamspring today to learn more about the benefits of CISA or other ways we can help your Atlanta business prevent and recover from ransomware!