Private Cloud 101 For Atlanta Law Firms

The needs and challenges Atlanta law firms face continue to increase as the legal IT landscape evolves. The increasing demand for new capabilities calls for a solution that will provide your firm with the resources it needs to achieve lasting success. For many lawyers, information technology (IT) is probably not at the top of their list of priorities.

Most lawyers would rather focus on practicing law and advocating for their clients than worrying about technology. Nevertheless, IT plays a vital role in today’s legal landscape. Complicating things is the growing obligation for law firms to support mobile devices and a remote or hybrid workforce. Law firms must also ensure security and compliance with legal regulations.

When purchasing new systems, lawyers and their staff often want to continue using their existing applications, which may come from different vendors and may not be specific to the legal industry. Over time, more law firms will be left to figure out their legal IT landscape, even if the rising number of issues to consider seems overwhelming.

Odds are that you have had conversations about the cloud or you know about cloud computing, but do you know there are different types of cloud solutions available for law firms? With more Atlanta law firms adopting a cloud-first strategy, and with so many cloud options available, law firms have to ensure that any IT strategy fits in with the business strategy, therefore preparing the firm for the future and driving real bottom-line value.

So, which cloud option should your law firm choose? With high-performing private cloud computing solutions, your law firm can experience greater business productivity and data security. In the private cloud, your firm’s data will never be analyzed or shared and will always be secured and encrypted.

What Is the Private Cloud?

A private cloud model comes in the form of a hosted remote desktop configuration. Under the private cloud model, all of your firm’s legal applications, application data, and documents will be hosted completely in the cloud, as opposed to a public or hybrid cloud model which will use a combination of the cloud and Microsoft Office 365 for hosting. In the private cloud, every user will receive a fully configured cloud desktop, email, cloud security, and more. No matter which private cloud solution you are considering, you need to take steps to choose the best solution that will suit your law firm’s needs and current IT infrastructure.

Tightly Secured Private Cloud Solutions for Atlanta Law Firms

Unlike the public cloud where the infrastructure will be shared with other companies, the private cloud means that you will have single-use just for your firm. A highlight of the private cloud is that resources are virtualized, so you can benefit from the flexibility of the cloud but within a private environment.

The private cloud often does not have the same level of scalability as the public cloud, but for some legal applications, that level of scalability may not be needed. Private cloud providers can offer your law firm greater control, something which your law firm likely has at the top of your priorities, given the sensitivity of the data you acquire daily.

The applications your law firm uses daily also dictate your firm’s ability to customize how your data and server infrastructures are managed, and this can be a challenge when using public cloud solutions. Under the private cloud, your law firm’s server and IT infrastructure will be replaced by a hosted virtual desktop. A private cloud solution typically hosts server-based software, which your staff can access virtually from any device, even when they are out of the office.

Through a private cloud infrastructure, your law team could access documents and applications, such as Word, Excel, Outlook, law practice management software, billing software, etc. using different devices that are equipped with the necessary cloud applications.

Private Cloud Gives Your Law Firm Greater Flexibility

Giving staff the ability to work from anywhere at any time is something that more law firms are doing. Taking this into consideration, you will need a private cloud solution that will allow your staff to access virtual interfaces and documents through law practice management software.

With a private cloud solution, your firm’s lawyers and staff can access files, communicate, and collaborate on cases from anywhere. This will allow lawyers to share key case details anywhere with a strong network connection. Through a private cloud platform, your firm’s lawyers will have the flexibility they need to work remotely and still be productive because of their ability to access case files and communicate with existing or potential clients.

Private Cloud Solutions Reduce IT Downtime

Another benefit of utilizing private cloud solutions is the reduction in downtime for your law firm. Any issues your staff encounter will be resolved quickly. Your hardware and applications can be monitored and maintained through your cloud resources.

If your law firm experiences frequent periods of downtime due to your servers going down, you could damage your image as a dependable source to turn to for legal advice. If clients feel they cannot trust your law firm, you can lose significant revenue. This is why it is important to find the right private cloud solution that suits your law firm’s unique needs.

Let Teamspring Help Your Law Firm Build Its Cloud Strategy

Choosing the right cloud platform and cloud solution will vary from firm to firm. The private cloud solution your law firm needs will depend on several factors, including the size and complexity of your law firm’s infrastructure. An initial assessment of your infrastructure can be beneficial to identify the best approach.

Teamspring can assess your law firm’s infrastructure, systems, applications, and processes along with creating a strategy that is not only cost-effective but also meets your firm’s unique requirements. Our experts have experience finding private cloud solutions for different types of law firms, no matter the size or the type of systems and applications they use.

If you are looking to implement a private cloud solution, we have a proven system designed to help Atlanta law firms find the best private cloud solution. Get ahead of your competitors and schedule a consultation with us today.