Plastic Manufacturer In Metro Atlanta Experiences Rapid Business Growth

Rapid business growth becomes a big issue when you outpace your IT capabilities.

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One of our oldest clients, a plastics manufacturer that has grown rapidly over their years in business.

The Problem

Business growth is a double-edged sword. The more you can expand and the greater economy of scale you can access, the more profit you can generate.

But there’s a catch—you need to be able to manage your rapidly expanding network of locations and entities, including your IT.

Unfortunately, IT often takes a backseat when enterprise organizations acquire new businesses. This can lead to severe performance issues, chronic downtime, and extremely dangerous cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

The Solution

This plastics manufacturer made the right call by partnering with Teamspring from the very beginning. We have been with this client since they were just a one-man operation, and have helped them scale their IT as they grew into a major presence in the plastics manufacturing market.

Dont Outgrow Your IT

How Teamspring Solved Their Problem

Teamspring has the experience and expertise to help you seamlessly grow your IT systems in one with your business.

Our team carefully plans ongoing expansions and upgrades for clients’ systems before they overtake their current IT resources. This ensures they never get held back by their IT.

We will keep you secure, productive, and operational no matter how rapid your growth is.

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