Office 365 Updates

Do you get FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? With Office 365, you will have nothing to fear, as Microsoft consistently keeps you up to date with the latest security patches, build versions, and product optimizations. Since Office 365 is in the cloud, you will always benefit from always having the latest version, ensuring your Office apps are always up and running seamlessly.

At no additional cost, Microsoft automatically rolls out upgrades to all users. This means your business can avoid compatibility issues as all employees will be on the latest version. Many people still have doubts about the cloud and have concerns about whether or not it is secure. If your cloud infrastructure is built properly, your business will have the level of security it needs. It’s all about how you use the applications and the security measures you have implemented.

To ensure that your business meets performance expectations, Microsoft releases frequent updates for their Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services. With Office 365’s subscription-based model, users always have access to the latest version, as the platform is updated at Microsoft’s end. On the other hand, users who have not subscribed will have to purchase a new copy of the latest edition to be able to use new features.

Following is a rundown of the latest updates and notable fixes to Office 365/Microsoft 365, with the more recent releases shown first.

Version 2110 (Build 14527.20234)

Release Date: October 28, 2021


  • The issue where there was a tendency for the application to stop responding when drawing an image was fixed.


  • The issue where there was a potential for PowerPoint to stop responding when drawing an image was fixed.

Skype for Business (Non-security update)

  • The issue causing a hybrid camera on some devices to not show in SfB (Skype for Business) client was fixed.


  • The same issue plaguing Outlook and PowerPoint when drawing an image was fixed.

Version 2110 (Build 14527.20226)

Release Date: October 25, 2021


  • This update also brought improvements to accuracy and more globalization support.


  • Expanded GAL (Global Address List) people suggestions for mail and calendar.


  • More sensitive information types can now be configured as part of OneDrive and SharePoint data loss prevention policies.

Teams (This build includes an incredible number of new updates and features, with Teams getting the bulk of the new features/updates)

  • Live Transcript in additional spoken languages is now available for web users of Teams Meetings.
  • Conference room video now fits to frame automatically and provides a full view of the room on the desktop application.
  • Teams Q&A is now available for webinars or meetings. Users will be able to create a moderated or unmoderated Q&A experience.

Version 2109 (Build 14430.20306)

Release Date: October 14, 2021

  • Various bugs and performance fixes.

Version 2109 (Build 14430.20298)

Release Date: October 12, 2021

Various security updates that applied to Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, Office 2016 Retail (C2R), Office 2019, Office LTSC 2021, and Office 2021.

Version 2109 (Build 14430.20270)

Release date: October 6, 2021


  • An issue that resulted in many users experiencing a stop responding when attempting to retrieve AutoDiscover settings was fixed.

Version 2109 (Build 14430.20234)

Release date: September 28, 2021


  • A new way to reach the Accessibility tools was introduced. The Accessibility ribbon places all the tools you need to create accessible content in one convenient place.


  • Meetings held in one of the additional supported languages now are supported by Live Transcript.
  • Extensible Camera Effects were added to Microsoft Teams Meetings.
  • Personal Teams Meetings will now have live captions.


  • An issue that caused Room Finder to fail to load was fixed.
  • The issue that caused users to be able to download protected voice mail files was fixed.
  • The issue that caused some users to experience an unexpected close after adding a shared calendar was fixed.


  • This version fixed an unexpected close that would occur when users would try to save some documents that were in protected coauthoring mode.
  • An issue where Word was taking longer than usual to save a document was fixed.


  • An issue where the video share peek in a conversation window would close unexpectedly was fixed.

How to Check for Office 365 Updates

We all know that for optimal performance, we need to have the latest version of an application, and this can be accomplished by updating the application whenever an update is available. Office 365 updates can be done manually or they can be installed automatically. By default, Microsoft automatically keeps your Office applications up to date. However, this feature can be disabled. If you have disabled automatic updates, we recommend enabling this feature to ensure your applications are always running on the latest available version. How can users manually check for updates?

Let us take a look at how to check for updates in Office 365/Microsoft 365

  • Open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and choose the File option.
  • Click on Account under File. Click on Update Options next to Office updates.
  • From the list of Update options, click on Update Now.
  • Microsoft Office will begin checking for any available updates. If there are updates available, they will be downloaded and installed.

How to Enable Automatic Office 365 Updates

As mentioned, automatic updates for Office 365 have been enabled by default. How can users enable automatic updates for Office 365?

  • To turn on automatic updates for Microsoft Office on Windows, open Word, and select the File tab.
  • Navigate to Account in any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any of the Office applications.
  • If automatic updates are not turned on, you will see the following message: This product will not be updated.
  • Click Update Options.
  • To enable automatic updates, click Enable Updates.

Let Teamspring Secure Your Office 365 Environment

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