Going Rate for IT Technical Services in Atlanta

What is the going rate for IT technical services? Here at Teamspring, we’ve heard this question from hundreds of businesses in Atlanta during the 20+ years we’ve been in business.

When we start talking with business leaders, we find that many of them don’t really know how much their IT services are costing them. Many of them are paying a technician or consultant on an hourly basis, but that doesn’t represent the total of their total IT spending. Others are looking to hire a dedicated IT vendor but aren’t familiar with the costs associated with partnering with an IT vendor. This can make it difficult to compare the different IT technical services options available to you.

Due to the ever-changing nature of today’s IT landscape, the costs of maintaining a healthy IT infrastructure add up quickly. In order to evaluate the true average cost of IT technical services in Atlanta, there are certain factors you’ll need to examine closely.

IT Technical Services in Atlanta

The Cost of IT Technical Services in Atlanta

According to the Payscale website, the salary range (as of January 2022) for a Technical Specialist with Technical Services skills in Atlanta, Georgia is $62,763/year with an average base hourly rate of $18.30. That doesn’t include benefits, training, consulting, bonuses, and other employee-related expenses. Most businesses factor an additional percentage for those additional benefits, increasing the true cost of hiring a full-time Technical Specialist. If you hire someone with proven experience, your Technical Specialist would likely expect up to $10,000 more per month.

There are many questions that people ask IT vendors, but questions surrounding IT Technical Services pricing are one of the main questions. The numbers become a bit tricky to estimate because every business has unique needs. Typically, most businesses start with a basic service package of IT technical services that includes remote monitoring, updates, hardware procurement, server management software, etc.

Other businesses may have needs that are more complex, including managed cybersecurity services, cloud services requirements, and a host of other technical requirements. This can get very expensive and time-consuming if network downtime and equipment breakdowns become common or if you find yourself in need of additional services. Hourly rates for these services can range from $65 to $300 per hour.

An organization that employs less than 50 people may pay around $1000 per month for 10 hours of IT technical services. Costs can add up quickly when you have complex IT technical needs like hardware refreshes, security audits, and network upgrades. Do you want to be in a position where you have to choose which technical issues should be resolved right away and which technical issues have to be put on hold?

Comprehensive IT Technical Services

The cost of IT technical services on a managed model can range from $10 to $250 per user or per device per month. This can cover a range of different IT technical services, from basic monitoring to comprehensive management and consulting services. For many businesses, it makes the most sense for the IT provider to essentially serve as the IT department, handling all of the company’s technical needs.

The IT provider will provide most, if not all, of the needs of your infrastructure, and you pay a monthly fee for usage and IT technical services. For a flat per-user or per-device monthly fee, you can receive all of the same services provided by a large IT department. This includes help desk services, consulting, remote monitoring, as well as the required tools and applications.

Factors Affecting IT Technical Services Costs in Atlanta

The truth is that every business’s IT infrastructure needs ongoing maintenance and monitoring to stay secure. The ever-increasing reliance we have on IT systems and the data they hold has led to very sophisticated cyberattacks carried out by cybercriminals who work around the clock to compromise networks. Some cybercriminals do it just for the fun of being able to make networks and computer systems inoperable. Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to get around your IT security measures, and that’s why you must remain ever vigilant.

The complexity of your infrastructure plays an important role in the pricing of IT technical services. The presence of devices and systems helps IT technical services providers determine how complex your IT environment is. There’s more to IT technical services than meets the eye — and the majority of the services come from maintenance, monitoring, and protection.

Aside from the model of IT technical services, there are other factors that will impact the cost. Most of these are related to the context of your business. This includes considerations like:

  • How many servers are being supported?
  • How many workstations do you have?
  • How many users? Are there remote users?
  • What technology are you using?
  • Are there compliance standards?

Addressing these questions is a good starting place, but that’s only a start. The cost of your business’s IT technical services can vary significantly. Thankfully, an IT provider can offer comprehensive services and more to streamline your business operations at a fraction of what an internal IT team costs or what you would pay per hour to secure your infrastructure.

What Can You Expect to Pay Teamspring for Reliable IT Technical Services?

Preventing simple and complex problems and keeping your systems up and running is what Teamspring is all about. We offer a complete range of IT Technical Services, all priced according to your requirements and the unique needs of your business.  All of our support and services are tailored to your business.

Do you want to know how our IT technical services might suit your needs and how we can serve your business better than your current arrangement? Are you worried about your current team struggling to keep up with your growing business? Do you want to know how you can balance costs with future growth? We are ready to sit down with you and discuss your Atlanta business’s IT needs. Contact Teamspring today to find out what our IT technical services can do for you.

Thanks to Ashu with Orion Networks in Columbia, MD for his help with this research. Visit Ashu’s website.