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The healthcare industry has one of the highest technology standards of any industry in the United States. Healthcare institutions’ networks, IT systems, as well as data security systems must meet strict regulatory and compliance standards. Teamspring is the go-to healthcare IT services provider in Atlanta because we understand the industry’s complex needs. We recognize that healthcare institutions bear the responsibility of improving the quality of life of the people they serve. To this end, healthcare institutions must invest in streamlining their IT services. And protect patient information as per the HIPAA standards.

A modern healthcare institution’s IT systems must provide assured maximum uptimes. Also, be resilient in the face of data and IT systems threats as well as be formidable enough to provide uninterrupted services to a large, distributed healthcare workforce. These steep requirements make it a challenge for healthcare institutions as well as independent practitioners to find a qualified and dependable IT partner.

Teamspring takes a 360-degree responsibility approach to all healthcare institution’s IT operations, including helping healthcare institutions make strategic IT decisions. We are a lot more than an on-demand IT service provider. We strive to offer proactive strategic IT directions to help healthcare institutions achieve their medical practice outcomes.

Healthcare IT Services In Atlanta

Managed Healthcare IT Services Offered by Teamspring

Security and Compliance

For healthcare institutions to comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulatory compliance, they must consult an experienced expert. And invest in a regular system monitoring platform. Teamspring’s integrated approach to data management and protection relieves healthcare institutions of the compliance burden. By aggregating as well as securing all organization information for easy and accurate auditing. To provide optimal healthcare to patients, a modern healthcare provider should partner with a professional IT service provider such as Teamspring. To allow its staff to focus on serving patients.

Hosting Services and System Management

Every healthcare institution in the US today needs to be reachable by its clients. As such, all its cloud services, including emails, websites, calendars, databases, documents, as well as applications, must be hosted and managed by a specialist healthcare IT services provider. Teamspring offers HIPAA-compliant server hosting for medical service providers in Atlanta. And guarantees secure hosting of applications, data backups, and applications. We can streamline our entire cloud ecosystem to meet the specific complex needs of the healthcare institution we serve and its staff and patients.

Virtual Security CIO Services

Three out of four healthcare organizations in the United States still operate without a designated data and information security officer. As hospitals and healthcare institutions become easy targets for hackers and cybercriminals, it is crucial now more than ever that institutions fill this position. Teamspring can help your healthcare institution bolster its security policies. And update security systems by filling in the role of virtual Security CIO. Our expert teams will advise on a range of IT matters. And recommend necessary measures an institution needs to take to streamline its IT operations as well as improve its data security.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Teamspring provides comprehensive HIPAA-compliant healthcare IT solutions. Including server and application support, hosted communication services (email and web hosting), and data backup services. Healthcare institutions have the option to add site staff augmentation, remote infrastructure services, and professional IT Management services to their subscription packages. When you choose us, we will assign your institution a professional to assess your current IT infrastructure and policies. And evaluate critical performance indicators to help your institution set up a customized IT strategy.

Round-The-Clock Network Monitoring

Whether you manage a medical lab, hospital, pharmacy, or clinic, your institution needs an uninterrupted flow of information to run optimally. Teamspring understands that server downtime and dropped connections can cause costly service delays and put patients’ lives at risk. Our healthcare IT services include a comprehensive remote monitoring platform. That alerts our team of technicians of any arising issues on the client’s local network and cloud services to minimize service interruptions. Contact us now!

“With Teamspring, we get what we need when we need it.”

“With Teamspring, we get what we need when we need it. Their reaction time is quick and precise, regardless of the size of the issue.”

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