Cloud Desktops Are Growing In Popularity for Atlanta Businesses

The number of businesses taking the leap and leveraging state-of-the-art technology in the last year has jumped tremendously, to remain productive and profitable. Cloud technology isn’t new, but it has emerged as the number one preferred tool by distributed teams.

Remote teams who embrace innovation in technology are quick to gain a competitive edge, and cloud technology offers new and effective ways to boost productivity and increase efficiency while helping remote teams stay connected. Connectivity is the key to collaboration in the digital age.

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Cloud Technology Is the Key For Atlanta Professionals

Without technology, remote teams can’t exist – the ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate relies entirely on technology. This same technology fuels your business and powers your operations. Traditional operational models struggling to stay afloat in today’s digital climate are exponentially outpaced by businesses that have successfully adapted to the need for flexibility.

Every industry, from education to healthcare, has adapted to demands for flexibility in the last several months. The world keeps moving, and businesses that keep up are far more likely to succeed, which is where cloud technology is key. Remote work environments are less challenging with the right remote toolkit for professionals, with productivity being the result. Cloud desktops are emerging as the best option for flexibility and productivity.

Why Cloud Desktops Are Here to Stay

Professionals only need a lightweight workstation and an Internet connection to use a cloud desktop and stay productive. Communicating with colleagues and clients is easy with cloud desktops, and a geographical location is no longer a requirement since cloud desktops are accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Aside from the mobile productivity cloud desktops offer professionals, businesses also avoid the cost and the hassle of expensive hardware. Businesses taking advantage of cloud desktops experience state-of-the-art cloud technology to support remote teams so users can access cloud desktops from anywhere and use the same productivity apps each session, collaborating and communicating quickly and easily.

The benefits of cloud desktops are clear:

  • More Cost-Effective: Cloud desktops let businesses take advantage of savings by adopting thin client technology. By utilizing low-maintenance technology, like Chromebooks, and connecting to remote devices that are more powerful and host multiple cloud desktops simultaneously, businesses save money.
  • Scalable: One of the most widely-documented benefits of cloud technology is the scalable factor. Businesses can quickly roll out new cloud desktops for new users from the host device, like a server, without the need to purchase additional hardware or software for each new user. Business needs change often, and cloud technology is designed to help businesses adapt quickly and easily. By increasing data storage quickly as your business experiences growth, you gain a competitive edge.
  • Cyber Security: Cloud desktops offer layers upon layers of protection, making cybersecurity a focus for cloud desktop users, including the ability to remotely erase a cloud desktop should security become compromised to prevent unauthorized access.

Cloud desktops aren’t going anywhere, and businesses that have already taken advantage of cloud desktops are leveraging the multitude of benefits, giving remote teams an efficient way to stay productive in ever-changing environments.