Client Bill of Rights: Technology Services

We created Teamspring’s Client Bill of Rights essentially to shift the power of balance in favor of you, the customer. We appreciate that you deserve excellent service. And pledge to ensure the continual delivery of professional IT services tasked to us as your IT partner. We recognize your right to expect exemplary service. And a straightforward as well as honest IT partner who does not rest until your needs are met. Our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction extends beyond providing dedicated industry-standard customer support and services to your satisfaction. We are grateful for your patronage. Read on to see the Client Bill of Rights that we have created.

Bill of Rights

9 Essential Points of Teamspring’s Client Bill of Rights

You have the right to expect a description of services and products in PLAIN ENGLISH. We pledge to help you understand IT support. And technical assistance that Teamspring offers and how they work for you. We will answer any questions relating to our services and products. In simple terms that you understand as well as supply evidence where required.

You have the right to expect Teamspring IT Consulting to maintain the highest levels of professional accountability, employee empowerment, as well as personal accountability in every interaction with your organization. We pledge to provide courteous, responsive, as well as pleasant services. And communication with integrity as well as respect at all times.

You have the right to a professional service that meets the level agreements defined in the service agreement. We pledge to deliver quality professional services. Provided by qualified as well as experienced technicians offered on a transparent and process-driven service platform.

You have the right to expect Teamspring IT Consulting to protect your organization’s data from accidental as well as malicious loss and compromise. We pledge to put in place measures that will assess the risks to your data and make clear as well as practical recommendations on how your systems and data should be best protected.

You have the right to expect a copy of the complete and accurate documentation of your IT infrastructure. We pledge to provide an updated copy to you whenever you request one.

You have the right to look up to Teamspring IT Consulting to guide your organization in researching and implementing creative as well as innovative solutions in its technology infrastructure. We have a taut commitment to ensuring our clients use the best and most effective technologies and technology services available.

You have the right to expect clear and timely communication and status updates, and resolution steps taken in every issue we address. We pledge to frequently advise you on service tickets, project updates, quotes, and situation statuses without unnecessary technical jargon. As your IT partner, you reserve the right to speak directly with a technician, supervisor, or manager at Teamspring to clarify critical matters when necessary.

You have the right to receive the best personalized Information Technology services, computer, network, and infrastructure support services for trusting Teamspring IT Consulting and choosing to do business with us. We pledge upfront honesty in the pricing and metering of our services and product so that you never receive unexpected bills or unexplainable fees for our services.

You have the right to expect reliable and quality services delivered to maximize value for your investment. As your IT partner, we pledge to deliver projects on time and on budget. To help your organization achieve its goals and save money and time.

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