Online Booking Software for Chiropractors in Atlanta

You need an efficient online booking software to make your scheduling processes for your chiropractic practice in Atlanta much easier than the manual ones that include the use of calls or emails. But choosing the best online appointment software can be a daunting task. Given the multitudes of software out there, each claiming to be the very best.

To help you sift through the hundreds of chiropractic appointment software, so you can make the best choice for your business, we have classified them into three categories as follows:

1. Generic Appointment Schedulers

If you are just starting out, generic appointment schedulers would be the best option for you. They are easier to use as well as relatively cheaper, too. But they don’t compromise on functionality since they address all the common requirements for an appointment scheduler. These requirements include:

  • Calendar syncing
  • Appointment website
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Online meeting tools
  • Payment gateways
  • CRM integration
  • Staff management

Generic schedulers can help you reduce your overheads while enhancing your online bookings. At a relatively lower cost compared to other types of appointment schedulers. This is quite convenient for your startup because it allows focusing your resources on other important matters of the business. Such as marketing as well as increasing your visibility.

Common examples of generic chiropractic booking software include:

  • Acuity
  • Calendly
  • Zoho Bookings

2. SMB Suites for Service-Based Businesses

If your chiropractic business in Atlanta is better off financially and has achieved some level of growth, you could go for SMB suites for service-based businesses. Your SMB would do well with a suite that goes further than just scheduling appointments.

SMB suites may not meet all the requirements of appointment scheduling. But they integrate other important applications that would enhance your service delivery and efficiency. These applications include the following:

  • Marketing and sales. It can help you lay down effective strategies for marketing your services and reach out to more clients in Atlanta. You can integrate them with your social media platforms to increase your visibility. When it comes to managing your sales, this suite helps you keep updated records of all your clients.
  • Accounting. Book-keeping is an essential element of your small and medium-sized business. This suite has applications that help you keep track of all your financial activities efficiently.

If you fit the bill of an established SMB and are looking for something more than just scheduler software, you could consider the following online booking software:

  • GenBook
  • Vcita
  • Honeybook

3. Vertical Specific Business Suites

These specific business suites that incorporate scheduling applications would be a good fit for you if your business is well established in a vertical, such as health and wellness. This means that your chiropractic business in Atlanta has grown to another level of growth, and can afford a suite with additional premium modules for increased functionality.

These modules include the following:

  • Point of Sale: Helps capture data directly from the customers as they sign out.
  • Inventory: Keep track of your infrastructure, maintenance, condition, as well as quantity easily.
  • Customer history: You are likely to deal with lots of returning customers, and need a concise history of each of them.
  • Staff roster: Keep track of your ever-growing workforce, work hours, remunerations, and others.
  • Legal requirements: This suite will help you keep up with the ever-changing legal requirements for the health industry.
  • Industry compliance: Has features that help you remain compliant in the health industry.

Popular vertical-specific business suites include:

  • Phorest
  • Gettimely
  • Mindbodyonline

Choosing the best online booking software for your chiropractic business in Atlanta shouldn’t be too hard if you know what to look for. You could also partner with us if you need more help. Please contact us today for more information.

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