Bitter Employee Suddenly Quits

Monsters under the bed, snakes, and spiders are a few things that give people nightmares and keep them up at night, unless you are a business leader who just had an employee leave abruptly. For many business leaders, these nightmares are not only scary but costly. Business leaders around the globe feel their biggest identity and access management fear was a bitter employee accessing sensitive information and sharing that information with others.

The chance of a bitter employee having access to sensitive and confidential data is not uncommon, but it is something that is often overlooked by many organizations. It only takes one bitter employee with privileged access to wreak havoc upon an organization.

Information is the driving force behind every organization. Regardless of the type of information – whether it is confidential business information, project development plans, or Personal Identifiable Information, you take on the responsibility of ensuring all confidential and sensitive data stays out of the wrong hands. While you are unable to control the emotions and actions of others, some processes can be put in place to minimize the risks of information being stolen and exposed.

Many leaders cannot say for certain if former employees will no longer have access to sensitive information even after they leave. This is why it is important for more organizations to take a course of action that will reduce the damage a bitter ex-employee can cause. Organizations can terminate shared privileged account access, implement processes to quickly halt access, and implement automated services to reduce the chances of occurrences where bitter ex-employees somehow still have access to confidential information and privileged account access.

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Is Your Company Safe from the Bitter Employee?

Whether through hostile intent or negligence, your former employees can wreak the kind of havoc that could ruin your company’s reputation and cost your company a significant amount of money in legal fees, fines, and penalties. Employees can carelessly cause data leakage, especially if employees are using non-enterprise solutions to transfer or store data.

Manually terminating accounts is not always enough to prevent employees from gaining access to sensitive information. Terminating accounts and monitoring data can be an automated process that will ensure that former employees do not compromise your operations. What measures can you put in place to protect your company and your networks from being compromised because of data leakage caused by bitter former employees?

Monitor Account Information After The Employee Quits

It is critical that you actively monitor the actions of the employee as soon as he or she decides to quit. You have to be on guard at all times if you want to actively detect any security incident involving sensitive or confidential data or changing permissions immediately. Privileged access should be terminated shortly after the employee declares that he or she is leaving the company.

Perform Consistent IT Audit

A bitter employee with malicious intent who still has access to active login credentials can easily bypass your company’s security perimeter and damage your operations. Performing consistent IT audits can ensure that your company has better internal IT security so your company will be protected against malicious acts.

Remove User Accounts That Are No Longer Active

Employees are aware of security vulnerabilities and weaknesses that exist in your company’s network and systems. Former employees may find ways to use inactive user accounts or accounts that fly under the radar to bypass security measures and access the networks and systems. It is important to identify and delete any user accounts that have not been used within a specific timeframe.

Change Passwords 

Former employees can still access company data through the use of old passwords, so it is critical that you change all passwords that the former employee had. When changing the passwords of your former employee, you should ensure the new passwords will not be easy to guess. If you’ve been using a pattern for password changes, do not follow the same pattern.

Securing Your Data and Network When an Employee Leaves

Sometimes IT teams are not aware that an employee has left because of miscommunication. This does not have to happen within your company if an automated information system process is established. This automated system can quickly deactivate accounts and change passwords once an employee leaves.

We know that protecting your company from a faceless and nameless hacker is important, but it is also important to think about that bitter employee who suddenly quit, especially when it comes to your company’s information security. It is important to understand that real threats do exist, especially to confidential and sensitive information before implementing information security controls.

Implementing the proper measures can help you prevent bitter former employees from compromising your network and your systems. Automating departments, and identifying bitter employees can help you establish a solid defense against internal attacks and protect your confidential and sensitive data.

We can learn lessons from companies who have experienced their systems and networks being compromised due to bitter and disgruntled employees. One of the most important things to remember is that internal threats are a major risk and a credible threat that every company should take seriously. Every company needs to have a solid and comprehensive strategy to detect, prevent, and respond to insider threats.

If there are employees within your company who are known to be unhappy, you should pay close attention to the activities of those employees. This will give you a better chance of preventing data theft and data leakage before it happens.

Teamspring can work with you to put the proper safeguards in place: we can restrict data downloads, block file transfers, and deactivate storage devices and accounts.  For more information on how to implement security measures that will eliminate IT security risks from bitter employees or to schedule a comprehensive IT security review or consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today.

We won’t just recommend products and solutions that your company may need. We will work with you to understand your company and implement the IT-related services, from IT security and data management, that your company needs.