6 Reasons Why You Need to Back Up Your Microsoft Office 365 Data

Is your Microsoft Office 365 data backed up? Do you have control of your Microsoft Office 365 data, and do you have access to all the items you need? The knee-jerk reaction to these questions is usually, “Of course I do,” or Microsoft has it all covered. But come to think of it. Are you sure of that?

Well, to answer that — while Microsoft offers a wide range of services and provides excellent services to its customers, it does not provide backup and retention for Microsoft Office 365 data. Instead, its primary focus is on maintaining uptime and managing Office 365 infrastructure.

That said, many people have the misapprehension that Microsoft fully backs up their Microsoft Office 365 data. Sticking to this mindset can have severe repercussions on your business. Below is a discussion of why you need to have a Microsoft Office 365 backup solution in your arsenal.

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Why You Need to Back Up Your Microsoft Office 365 Data

While Microsoft Office 365 provides application availability and uptime that ensures that its users never skip a beat, backing up data is not its stronghold. Here is an outline of why you need an alternative backup for your Microsoft Office 365 data.

Protection Against Accidental Deletion

Microsoft’s geo-redundancy is not a reliable protection against every type of data loss. For instance, if you delete a file or a user, whether it was intentional or not, the deletion will be replicated across all networks.

There are two types of deletions in the Microsoft Office 365 platform, namely hard delete and soft delete. A soft delete/permanent delete occurs when you empty the deleted files folder. This type of deletion enables you to access the item in the recoverable items mailbox. As for a hard delete, once an item is removed from the mailbox, it cannot be recovered not unless you have a backup solution.

Protection Against Internal Security Threats     

While many people perceive security threats to emanate only from external parties, cases of businesses falling victims to threats posed by their employees have become rampant in the recent past.

Given the quick rate at which access to files and contacts changes in an organization, it can be challenging to monitor people who access various files. Microsoft does not have the capability of knowing between an authorized user and a terminated employee trying to jeopardize critical company data before departing.

Moreover, there are instances of some users unknowingly downloading malicious files. Human errors and internal malice will always pose a threat. However, with a proper backup solution, you can safeguard your data.

Protection Against External Data Breach

Cybersecurity threats from malware like ransomware have been rampant lately. Cyber attackers are targeting businesses, both small and big. They sneak the malware through emails and attachments.

The limited backup/ recovery provided by Microsoft tools does not have the mettle to combat such threats. As such, you should ensure that you back up your Microsoft Office 365 to protect against loss of data through external attacks.

Better Data Retention Policies

Data retention is an essential component in the fast-evolving digital world. Just like in the case of soft and hard deletions, Microsoft does not have ample backup and retention policies that can effectively prevent the loss of your data.

Microsoft only upholds the retention policies stated in its terms and conditions. For instance, Microsoft 365 has a retention period of 30 days. On the other hand, Microsoft SharePoint is backed up after every 12 hours with a 14-day data retention period. The maximum Microsoft Office data retention period is 180 days. When this time elapses, the data will be automatically deleted.

With a Microsoft Office backup solution, you’ll have a longer, more accessible retention policy to protect and store all your data in a central location. Recovery of data will therefore be fast, easy, and reliable.

Legal and Compliance Requirements

There are instances when you need to retrieve various files amid a legal action. These scenarios usually arise when you least expect them to. While Microsoft has a safety net towards this end in the form of litigation hold and place hold settings, these solutions are not robust enough to keep your business from legal trouble. For instance, suppose you accidentally delete a user; their on-hold account will also be deleted.

Failing to comply with legal and compliance requirements may lead to you incurring heavy fines and penalties. Backing up your Microsoft Office 365 can prove pivotal in avoiding legal disputes that arise due to non-compliance issues.

Management of Hybrid Email Deployments

Even though the deployment of hybrid emails has become a common practice, many organizations, especially those that do not have a backup solution, find it hard to undertake this process. The right Microsoft Office 365 solution should be able to handle the deployment of hybrid emails efficiently.

Solution — Microsoft Office 365 Backup Supported By Teamspring

You need to back up your Microsoft 365 data with a third party.  Microsoft even recommends it. Backing up your data should be a top priority for your business, given that it ensures that your company does not lose data in case of a security breach. One of the best data backup practices is storing it in a different cloud environment from where the original data is. Using a third-party backup solution ensures that you retain your data in case of a threat and remain compliant with legal requirements and data retention policies.

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