9 Apps Lawyers Need to Grow in 2021

For law firms in Atlanta, the pressure to do better rivals even DC or Silicon Valley. However, adopting a sound legal IT implementation strategy can take some of the pressure off and help modern law firms maximize productivity and efficiency.

There are a lot of tasks in the practice of law for which legal IT technology is perfect when it is implemented properly. From document generation and management to collaboration and financials, law firm management today is heavily reliant on legal information technology to take the next step of growth.

1. Microsoft 365

Many law firms still use Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for most of their office work. However, Google‘s online suite of Workspace software offers much more functionality in addition to all the standard uses you would find on MS Word.

Microsoft 365 offers the ability to share access to documents, collaborate, chat within documents, backup files automatically to the cloud, and view revision history. More importantly, it includes the ability to create rich documents with links, citations, advanced templates, and other modern features.

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the best software tool for secure law firm communication and seamless collaboration. The highly innovative platform allows your team to be organized into “workspaces” with the ability to communicate both publicly in shared channels and privately in secure chats.

Microsoft Teams also allows seamless communication with external personnel and the ability to share, store, and back up any important communication and media.

3. LawStream

LawStream is a law practice management software with features such as document management, billing, CRM, legal case management, trust accounting, compliance management, and many more. LawStream digitizes every aspect of law firm management in one easy to use software platform that any law firm can use easily.

4. LawPay

In the course of the pandemic, law firms have realized the need for being able to work and get paid remotely. LawPay allows law firms to receive, manage, and integrate payments on law firm websites. Payments can be made in the form of card payments, online transfers, eChecks, among others. LawPay also offers the ability to schedule and follow up on payments automatically.

5. TMetric

For modern firms, time tracking software such as TMetric makes all the difference in accurately tracking billable hours. You can also use the time tracking functionally in all-inclusive law firm software such as Clio, but dedicated tools like TMetric are easier to use and are more affordable.

6. Monday

Personal and team productivity is paramount for law firms in Atlanta, which is why a productivity platform such as Monday is essential. Monday is an easy platform that helps lawyers centralize and organize tasks with features like client management, tracking, reminders, delegation, and more. If Monday’s web-based tools don’t do it for your firm, a tool like Podio is a good alternative.

7. Casetext

The biggest law firms rely on giants such as Thomson West and LexisNexis for legal research. Casetext is a more affordable, AI-based software platform for simplified legal research to help save time on research work.

8. InfoTrack

InfoTrack is the software platform that also powers the popular identity verification tool IDfy. InfoTrack is more popularly integrated with case management systems such as Clio to help verify identities remotely. It also serves other functions such as filing court documents and expenses, managing business records, and compliance management.

9. Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Ed

Now in digital format, Black’s Law Dictionary is indispensable for all lawyers. It has been the go-to legal dictionary for decades, and being available in digital format makes it easy to take it with you everywhere.

These 9 apps represent the most important functions that technology can play in a busy, modern law firm. The only question is, how can a busy Atlanta law firm better manage a stack of 9 or more applications successfully and securely?

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